The World's Best Solutions Live

Introduction in English

Why and how can Danish public libraries work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 

In collaboration with the Library Managers' Association and Ballerup Library, The Danish Library Association invites to the conference called World's Best Solutions Live on Wednesday September 30th 9am-3pm. 

This conference is an event for library professionals, where we will share learnings and new insights from planning and hosting a two-day public festival event in the fall of 2019 revolving around everyday solutions into the Sustainbale Development Goals.

After the conference you can watch alle the sessions on YouTube - link will be provided.
Please note! All talks are in Danish. 

Clik here to check the program (in Danish) 

About the Sustainable Development Conference in November 2019

Ballerup Libraries will present the experiences from their successful Sustainable Development Goals Conference in November 2019.

Inspired by the British event format Sunday Papers Live, Ballerup Libraries created a festival day focusing on the UN's Sustainable Goals. The mission was to give inspiration to transform the UN goals to everyday goals for every one of us.

On the conference day back in November 2019 the library was decorated as on oversized living room with couches, blankets and easy chairs arranged around the scene. Around 200 participants listened with enthusiasm to the expert speakers in short sections of approximately 20 minutes. 
The host of the day joined the conversation and invited the audience to comment and interact with the speakers.

The main task of the speakers was to provide lots of high level knowledge and everyday ideas on how each and every one can contribute in solving some of the most severe challenges we have on the planet right now. All spiced up with high performance quality, dynamic tempo, entertainment, good coffee, strong commitment and a bit of magic.

Among the sessions were

  • What are we going to do with SDG? – discussing climate
  • Eating less meat – but how?
  • How do we prevent food waste?
  • Fashion with green conscience
  • Biodiversity – wild life in your backyard
  • Plastic in the oceans
  • Vote with you feet and your shopping cart!
  • Do we have a future?

The day before the festival, 400 local students participated in a similar event, focusing on subjects they were working on in high School.

An important part of the project was actually running in the weeks up until the festival days: An engaged group of citizens, coding pirates and students participated in a program, building Cube Satellite prototypes, in collaboration with MIT Public Library Exchange Program (PLIX) and the Danish Technical University’s Space Department among others. The CubeSat program and more PLIX initiatives are designed to transfer usable knowledge between academic fields and the minds of the public library patrons.