Welcome to the library

Welcome to the library and the culture houses

We are pleased to welcome you to your local community meeting place. Here we offer experiences, learning, activities, calmness and immersion. 

To be able to borrow our materials, you must be registered as a member.


  • Bring your yellow health card and picture-id.
  • Choose a pin of four numbers.
  • Your yellow health card (library card) is personal and you are liable for whatever is lent on the card. If you lose your card, please notify us at once, so that we can block the card for further loans.
  • Children and young people below the age of 18 can also be registered as members. All that is needed is a signature from a parent or guardian on a form. You can get the form at Information, or at bib.ballerup.dk (Registration form in Danish)
  • If you change your e-mail address or phone number please notify us.
  • Consider whether you would like to register for an account for printing and copying.

Register yourself using MitID

Anyone over the age of 18 can register at the Ballerup Libraries with MitID. Once you are registered, you can log in to the website with your Danish CPR no. and the PIN code you have chosen.
Note, however, that citizens residing outside Ballerup Municipality do not have access to e-materials.
Click here to register as a user at the library. - In Danish it says "Opret dig som bruger"

Please note that you must approve having read and accepted the library's rules and tariffs. And please note that the registration form is in Danish as well as most of the website bib.ballerup.dk.

Lending materials

  • Usually, you will be able to borrow a material for 1 month; however, some of the materials had to be handed in after 7 or 14 days.
  • It is possible to renew the material 3 times. Materials from other libraries can only be renewed by personal request, by telephone or e-mail.
  • In some cases, there are limitations as to how many times a material can be renewed or the amount of materials that can be borrowed. For further information, please consult our website.
  • If the material you want is already borrowed, you can reserve it on the website.
  • We can also procure books, music, and many other types of materials from other libraries.

Borrowing is free

As a resident of Ballerup Municipality, you have some extra benefits.
With your CPR-number (lender’s card number) and your pin, you can access knowledge and experiences in digital form on our website ranging from: movies, music, audio books, e-books and databases.

Borrowing is free - however…..!

  • If you hand in the material too late, you have to pay a fee.
  • You can pay the fee on our website with either a Dankort or Visa card.
  • If you owe the library more than 250 kr. – you will not be able to borrow any more, before you have paid your bill.

Fees             Children (0-15 years)     Adults
1 - 7 days                         10 kr.              20 kr.
8 - 30 days                       50 kr.             120 kr.
31+ days                        100 kr.             230 kr.

If you are registered by e-mail or phone number, you will receive a notification three days prior to last return date on you loans. Please notice that it is your own responsibility to return the loans on time.

Please be aware that your loans can trigger multiple fees if:

  • If your materials have different return dates.
  • If your materials are not checked out on the same date, even though they have the same return date (e.g. by prolonging a loan).
  • If the materials are not returned at the same day even though they have the same return date.

If you have been fined and need to pay for lost or broken/damaged materials:

  • If your materials are more than 5 weeks overdue, you will be charged with a fine to replace the lost materials and any costs it may involve for the   library.
  • You have to pay for damaged or broken materials.
  • You alone are responsible for any damage that may occur on your own devices while playing videos, music or audio books from the library.

Visiting the library must be pleasant to all users.

Therefore we kindly ask you to respect other users and our facilities. If you do not respect this, you may be expelled.

The library is video monitored.